Youth missing after being detained in a military operation in Kech

By | February 5, 2021

The Pakistani security forces are reportedly carrying out a military operation in district Kech of Balochistan. They have allegedly detained youth in a house raid and moved him to an unknown location.

According to the details, the Pakistani forces raided a house in Tump at around 11pm and detained a youth on Tuesday. The youth, identified as Javed s/o Khalid Rahim, has been moved to an undisclosed location.

The family members have revealed that the forces barged into the house and attempted to arrest Javed. The women tried to stop them but they were also mishandled.

The authorities have not commented on the incident yet.

The recoveries of Baloch missing persons have seen a sudden spike in the past couple of days – at least 19 people have returned home after years of confinement. But the incidents of “enforced disappearances” have not stopped. Political circles and analysts claim that the rate of disappearance vastly outstrips the rate of recoveries – more people are missing than are being recovered.

The Balochistan Post has also received reports of three “enforced disappearances” in Bolan, where the security forces detained a man along with his two sons during a military operation and moved them to an unknown location.

In another separate development, a mutilated dead body was recovered in Gomazi area of district Panjgur. The man has been identified as Sanaullah s/o Bahar Jan, a resident of Gomazi. The dead body is said to be ten days old.

Sanaullah had gone missing in January this year, and his dead body was found in a stream near Gomazi. His neck bore the scars of a noose – an explicit sign that the man had been asphyxiated to death.

The cause of death has not been officially determined yet. The authorities have seized the body for autopsy and further investigations.

It is pertinent to mention that another dead body was found in a dam in the exact same area few days ago. The man was identified as Asadullah s/o Muneer, a resident of Tusp in Panjgoor.

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