Teenage Boys Allegedly Rape Kitten In Lahore


A kitten in Lahore died after she was allegedly gang-raped by a 15-year-old boy and his friends for more than a week.

According to a post shared by a Facebook page, the kitten was abused to the point where her organs stopped working. She couldn’t sit, walk, eat, or sleep due to the pain and trauma, it revealed.

A very terrible news. 15 YEARS OLD BOYS RAPED A KITTEN. A FUCKING KITTEN. THIS IS WHY WE TEACH THEM RAPE IS WRONG. NO EXCUSES. NEVER TOLERATE THIS KIND OF ACT. The kitten died. Organs are damaged. Her two holes turned into one. Now they are boys, tomorrow they’ll be monsters. pic.twitter.com/t1GHhrACg2

— Kimberly (@CastroJoyce25) July 27, 2020

“When she was taken to the vet, he took out a lot of sperm, blood, and shoppers [plastic bags] that were used by the boys for raping,” the post claimed. “She was raped so much that her holes turned into it,” the post added.

It said the vet also confirmed that the cat was abused, but he refused to give it in writing to avoid involvement in the case.

The post said: “Some serious therapies and sex education programs need to be conducted in our country no matter how much mullahs [clerics] hate it… These programs and workshops are essential now. The government needs to conduct urgent sex education programs in schools and in societies and there should be laws for animals.”

It also urged the authorities to take cases of animal abuse seriously.

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