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Police in Pakistan Locate Bodies of Christian Sisters, Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam

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Pakistani police discovered the bodies of two Christian women in Lahore on Jan. 4 who were reportedly killed by their Muslim supervisors for not converting to Islam.

Sisters Sajida Mushtaq and Abida Qaiser were found bound, stuffed inside a sack, then dumped near a drainage ditch, Morning Star News reports.

The women had been missing since Nov. 26.

Sajida’s husband, Mushtaq Masih told police that his wife had previously mentioned that she was being pestered by her Muslim supervisors at work.

“My wife often complained of harassment by her supervisors, but she used to tell me that she was handling the situation well,” Masih told Morning Star News. “After she went missing, one of my relatives shared with us that Sajida had confided in her that her supervisors, Muhammad Mumtaz and Naeem Butt, used to pressure her and Abida to convert to Islam and marry them.”

Masih filed a police report after his wife and sister-in-law failed to return home from work. Officer Iftikhar Hussain, who was investigating the case, said police questioned Mumtaz and Butt after they were told that Mumtaz used to torment the two women, telling them to marry him.

The two suspects subsequently confessed to killing the sisters.

“During interrogation, Naeem confessed that they had abducted the sisters, and after keeping them hostage for a few days for satisfying their lust, had slit their throats and thrown their bodies into the drain,” Hussain told Morning Star News.

Masih and other family member were asked to identity both bodies. “I still cannot fathom the sight of seeing my wife’s decomposed body,” Masih said.

“I have three sons and a daughter – the eldest 11 years old, and the youngest 5 – while Abida has only one daughter, aged 9,” he added. “You can imagine the emotional and mental trauma our children and all other family members have been suffering since Sajida and Abida had gone missing. When police informed us that they had identified the two bodies as those of our loved ones, it seemed that our entire world had come crumbling down.”

Punjab Province Minister for Minorities and Human Rights Ejaz Alam Augustine attended to the grieving family members.

“No words are enough to condemn the barbarity meted out to the two innocent women,” the minister said.

Augustine explained the number of forced conversions of Christian women and girls in Punjab was rising, but that authorities are enacting laws to punish those involved.

“We have sent a draft bill to the provincial law ministry for vetting. It will be introduced in the Punjab Assembly after evolving consensus of all political parties,” he said.

Pakistan is ranked fifth on Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most persecution.

Now a 13-year-old Christian girl abducted by 42-year-old Muslim man in Pakistan; Shockingly, court orders victim’s father to pay penalty

With no end in sight to the abduction, rape and conversion of women from minority communities in Pakistan, a 13 year old Christian girl was kidnapped by a 42-year-old Muslim man.

The girl has been identified as Mehwish who has been abducted for child rape and conversion to Islam by the Muslim man identified as Thokar Nayaz Kanjrah in Lahore.

Minority rights activist Rahat Austin while criticizing the act by the Islamists said on Twitter, “A 13-year-old Christian girl Mehwish is abducted for child rape & conversion to Islam by 42-year-old Muslim Man in Thokar Nayaz, Kanjrah Lahore”

Austin said that the culprits and fanatics were now threatening the family of girl and activist who repot this incident as sharing such news considered anti Islam and state by the Islamists.

Shockingly, Austin further states how the court ordered the father of the victim to pay a penalty.

This is not the first incident in which Christian, Hindu or a Sikh minor girl has been kidnapped to be converted and married off to Muslim men. The process has been going on for years and the population of minorities in Pakistan has also been reduced substantially.

While the international community sits on its hands, the persecution of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians goes on unabated in the Islamic nation at a scale that could be compared with medieval ages.

Pakistan: Read how father of a minor Christian girl, who was abducted and converted to Islam, has to pay a fine for seeking justice

Minor Christian girl abducted, raped and converted to Islam by 3 Muslims

On December 20 (Sunday), Pakistani Human right activist Rahat Austin shared a video on Twitter, wherein a Christian father who was trying to seek justice for his minor daughter had narrated the sordid tale of his endless miseries in Pakistan. His 13-year-old daughter Mehwish had been forcefully abducted, raped and converted to Islam by Sajid Ali, Sumaira and Tarav in Thokar Nayaz, Kanjrah Lahore.

Speaking about the same incident, the Pakistani activist today shared the copy of Lahore High Court orders which upheld a lower court’s decision asking the victim’s father to pay a penalty of PKR 30000. The activist stated that the victim’s father had approached Lahore High Court to waive off a fine of KR 30,000, imposed on him by a lower court when he approached it for help after his minor daughter was abducted. Instead of providing him with any sort of help, the lower court had imposed the penalty on the victim’s father.

Coming from a humble background, it was almost impossible for the victim’s father to arrange for the hefty sum. Therefore he had approached the Lahore High Court pleading it to forego the penalty imposed on him. However, the Pakistan HC instead of helping him upheld the order passed by the lower court and asked him to pay the fine immediately.

“It is impossible to get justice in Pakistan”, father of the 13-year-old Christian girl remarked

We had reported on Sunday how the distressed father of the 13-year-old Christian victim had warned of killing his entire family if justice was not provided to him. On being asked whether he sought help from any political leaders, the man had lamented: “Initially, we tried to meet Minister Jahaz Alam Ghasti on two occasions but failed. However, we met him later on 3 different occasions. He said that he cannot do anything about it… If Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Justice and Parliamentarians do not listen to me or ensure the safe return of my child, then, I will be forced to kill my entire family.

Throwing light on the depraved conditions the religious minorities are having to live in, in Pakistan, the 13-year-old’s father had said: “It is impossible to get justice in Pakistan. Justice will only be rendered when my daughter returns back to me. Do not take my words lightly. If my daughter does not come back, then, I will do what I have promised,” the victim’s father remarked.

Christian Woman Killed For Refusing Offer Of Marriage And Conversion To Islam

By Kinza Zahra

A 24-year-old Christian woman has reportedly been murdered after refusing to convert and marry a Muslim man.

A Muslim man named Shahzad has been accused of murdering a Christian woman after she refused to convert and marry him.

However, the police claimed that no evidence of forced conversion has been found during the investigation so far.

According to details, the 24-year-old Christian housemaid, Sonia Bibi, was shot dead in Islamabad on the 30th of November allegedly by Shahzad for refusing to renounce her faith and marry him.

The victim’s father, Allah Rakha Masih, who is a sanitary worker, said Shahzad had been following her daughter for the past six months. The accused had also sent his mother to their house with a marriage proposal, but they had refused because of their different religions. Masih said Shahzad had threatened to kill her daughter.

Sonia Bibi was shot in the head at the Fazaia Colony bus stop in Rawalpindi. She died on the way to a hospital in Islamabad.

The police said that an FIR was immediately registered, adding that Faizan, one of the two suspects nominated in the case, had been detained. The main suspect Shahzad is still at large, and raids are being carried out to arrest him.

Arzoo’s mother fainted in front of the Karachi High Court

Arzoo’s mother fainted in front of the Karachi High Court, but no one helped. We would like to ask everyone, what if instead of Arzoo there was a minor Sunni Muslim girl converted? Will you witness this visual? No, the whole family of the accused will be wiped out within hrs.

Parents of Arzoo Masih, appealed to the authorities to bring their daughter back

Parents of Arzoo Masih, appealed to the authorities to bring their daughter back. They don’t even know whether their daughter is alive or not. Look at the helplessness and pain they are going through.


The father of a young Christian girl called Nida is desperate for help, as a Muslim man has threatened him to kidnap his daughter if he doesn’t agree to let him marry the girl.

A Christian man, Sabir Masih, a resident of Samundari, District Faisalabad, has registered a first information report (FIR) with the police against two unknown Muslim men from his village.

Sabir said they threatened him saying that if he did not let his daughter marry a Muslim man, they would kidnap and force her to marry. Sabir said that on 28 September 2020 a local Muslim shopkeeper (who he won’t name) forcefully entered his house with two of his friends who were armed.

They asked where Nida was, and he replied that she was his daughter, but was not at home.

He asked who they were and why they were asking about his daughter, but they pointed a gun at him and told him to take Nida to his shop that evening otherwise they would kill him and his son.

According to Sabir they are rich landlords and own a shop in a local market. He said the men had been harassing his daughter while she was on her way to the stitching training centre.

He said: “One day the shopkeeper stopped Nida on her way home, misbehaved and tried to kidnap her by showing her a pistol. He threatened to kidnap her if she did not go with him.

“My daughter got scared and started screaming. When people heard her scream, they rushed to her help. When they gathered around my daughter was left alone.”

But later the same evening, at about 7 pm they called on Sabir and asked where Nida was.
Sabir said: “I am a poor man, I am scared and I cannot face this.

“My daughter who used to go to a nearby sewing centre has stopped her training. They have challenged me, and say they are not afraid of anyone.

“They said I can report the matter to anyone, but nobody can save my daughter.

“They further said whether I go to my Priest, Father or Pope they don’t care about any of the Church leadership, they will take my daughter whenever they want.

“I have reported them to the police, but the police don’t seem to protect me because I am poor and Christian.”