PAKISTAN!!!! Repeal your Blasphemy Law and Release Prisoners Charged with Blasphemy

Pakistan’s blasphemy law and Hudood ordinances are clear violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and human dignity. They are far more typical of a totalitarian nation than a nation that considers itself any kind of republic or democracy.

If man is to be truly free, he must have the freedom to view any subject critically and be allowed to peacefully criticize any event or ideology without fear of government reprisal.

Not only are the blasphemy laws and Hudood ordinances odious to the human spirit and an unfairly discriminatory law, but it is not evenhandedly enforced. An impoverished Christian couple, Shafqat Emmanuelle and Shagfuta Kausar have been charged with blasphemy, imprisoned, facing the death penalty, despite the fact that both are illiterate, unable to read or write in any language. Further, the specifics of the charge is they texted a blasphemous text to a prominent Pakistani imam. The hard proof of this outrageous charge, the SIM card, has never been found, and it is most likely that the charge was fabricated by a Muslim family whose children had had a confrontation with the couple’s children. Pakistan needs to immediately release the couple and to provide for their safety from vigilante terrorists or sponsor their relocation to a safe location in a non-Islamic nation.

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