Pakistan: Read how father of a minor Christian girl, who was abducted and converted to Islam, has to pay a fine for seeking justice

Minor Christian girl abducted, raped and converted to Islam by 3 Muslims

On December 20 (Sunday), Pakistani Human right activist Rahat Austin shared a video on Twitter, wherein a Christian father who was trying to seek justice for his minor daughter had narrated the sordid tale of his endless miseries in Pakistan. His 13-year-old daughter Mehwish had been forcefully abducted, raped and converted to Islam by Sajid Ali, Sumaira and Tarav in Thokar Nayaz, Kanjrah Lahore.

Speaking about the same incident, the Pakistani activist today shared the copy of Lahore High Court orders which upheld a lower court’s decision asking the victim’s father to pay a penalty of PKR 30000. The activist stated that the victim’s father had approached Lahore High Court to waive off a fine of KR 30,000, imposed on him by a lower court when he approached it for help after his minor daughter was abducted. Instead of providing him with any sort of help, the lower court had imposed the penalty on the victim’s father.

Coming from a humble background, it was almost impossible for the victim’s father to arrange for the hefty sum. Therefore he had approached the Lahore High Court pleading it to forego the penalty imposed on him. However, the Pakistan HC instead of helping him upheld the order passed by the lower court and asked him to pay the fine immediately.

“It is impossible to get justice in Pakistan”, father of the 13-year-old Christian girl remarked

We had reported on Sunday how the distressed father of the 13-year-old Christian victim had warned of killing his entire family if justice was not provided to him. On being asked whether he sought help from any political leaders, the man had lamented: “Initially, we tried to meet Minister Jahaz Alam Ghasti on two occasions but failed. However, we met him later on 3 different occasions. He said that he cannot do anything about it… If Prime Minister, Ministers, Chief Justice and Parliamentarians do not listen to me or ensure the safe return of my child, then, I will be forced to kill my entire family.

Throwing light on the depraved conditions the religious minorities are having to live in, in Pakistan, the 13-year-old’s father had said: “It is impossible to get justice in Pakistan. Justice will only be rendered when my daughter returns back to me. Do not take my words lightly. If my daughter does not come back, then, I will do what I have promised,” the victim’s father remarked.

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