Pakistan: Multiple Fire incidents and forced suicides of minorities during Corona crisis

 by SAHF Team

In shocking reports from Pakistan, human rights activist Rahat Austin has counted five different incidents of fires at Hindu population localities in last one week alone. In first instance the videos shared by him show charred bodies of three children at Shakil Mahar village near Dad Leghari in district Ghotki of Sindh, Pakistan.

It is difficult to find reports of atrocity on minority in Pakistani media however we have identified report of at least one incident in local news media. In their report local media has not disclosed the reason behind the fire.

Rahat has suggested that five incidents of fire cannot be an accident but deliberate and organized efforts by Islamic extremists against Hindu community. He has even shared video of Pakistan Peoples Party’s MP, Bari Khan Patafi & News Channels & media visiting one of the incident’s sites. Canada based TAG TV journalist Anis Farooqui has also independently confirmed the incident by calling it ‘Hindu genocide’.

Rahat has been continuously reporting multiple incidents of suicides by Hindus and Christians due to denied rations by NGOs and Pakistan government.

Following are the excerpt of Rahat’s tweets. We have excluded graphic contents since they are extreme in nature.

It should be noted that non-muslims in Pakistan are target of severe persecution by the majority community in Pakistan. Abduction, rape and forcible conversions to Islam of minorities women is quite common in Pakistan.

Tweet contents:

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.#Breaking A House of Hindu bhail community set on fire 3 small children are dead, burnt alive while a woman is severely burned in village, Daad Laghari, Dherki, Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 5, 2020

Just few hours ago, another incident of Setting fire to Houses of Hindus community in Village Umeed Ali Rindh, tehsil Chhachhado,Tharparker,Sindh-Pakistan.7 houses of Kesu Gandhi and others catch fire and burnt.This is 2nd incident today. In other incident 3 children burnt alive.

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 5, 2020

We are thankful to Sindh Government and Pakistan Peoples Party’s MP, Bari Khan Patafi that he visited Dharki, Raja Farm where 3 Hindu children were burnt alive and a woman was injured. We appreciate that step sir but please adress the real issue. Beating around Bush is of no use

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 6, 2020

A hindu woman Shirimati Radha W/o Dumont Kohli is found dead in Village Patel Laku, Rajo Khanani, Badin, Sindh-Pakistan.its said that she has committed suicide.

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 6, 2020

It is difficult to have 2 times meal for non-muslims in normal times but now in corona lockdown, majority of them is starving. Government officials & NGOs distribute food in Muslim Neighborhood but non-muslims are refused. They are humiliated,beaten & asked to convert to get food

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 6, 2020

A Hindu woman, Shirimati Dia w/o Zal kaju Kohli commited suicide becouse of poverty and hunger in Village Haji Sultan, Jhudo, Mirpur Khas, Sindh, Pakistan. Corona lockdown is proved deadliest for non-muslims as mostly are poor, starving but denied rations by NGOs and government.

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 7, 2020

Today, 10-04-2020 around 1:00 PM. Homes of Poor Hindus, cattle & everything withing was Burnt in Village Saeed Abad, Link Road, District Dadu, Sindh-Pakistan. Due to Corona lockdown, People are already starving, committing suicide. Now they Lost everything.Their Lives destroyed.

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 10, 2020

A Hindu Family is beaten, threatened to be killed if not converted to Islam in PIA Township,Shah faisal Colony,karachi-Pakistan. Since a week, Muhammad Usman & Neighborhood using roof top of victim’s home forcefully for prayers, 5 times a day to convert hindus. No case registered

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 12, 2020

A House burnt & a 10-year-old hindu Child burnt alive in Goth Gul Muhammad, Sinjhoro, Sanghar, Sindh-Pakistan.
I don’t want to post such incidents but its 5th incident in a week. It seems fire got a hobby as it has nothing to do because of Corona lockdown

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 14, 2020

Another suicide by a Christian, Mariam w/o Tariq Masih, a mother of 3 children in Francisabad, Gujranwala, Punjab-Pakistan. Family was starving due to coronavirus lockdown. Food distributed by Government & NGO’s is denied saying “Islamic ZAKAT” money is prohibited for non muslims

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 18, 2020

These Hindus of Village Bewato, UC Posarko, Mithi, Tharparkar, Sindh Pakistan says that they have nothing to eat, they can’t work because of Corona lockdown. Rations distributed in neighborhood various times by Government and NGOs but they are ignored because they are Non-muslims

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) April 19, 2020

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