Pakistan: Hindu boy attacked by an Islamist mob, bullets fired at 3 Hindu businessmen in Sindh market

On Friday, Pakistani Human Rights activist Rahat Austin shared a disturbing video from Umarkot in Sindh wherein a Hindu boy was being brutally assaulted by an angry Muslim mob.

In the video, the boy could be seen surrounded by an angry mob who held him by the hair and slapped him continuously. While one attacker cuffed him by his jacket, the other pulled his head down.

Rahat Austin tweeted, “Muslim neighbourhood is beating a Hindu youth in Umerkot Sindh-Pakistan. Yesterday Hindu shops were attacked in the same area in which 3 Hindu businessmen got gunshots and admitted in the hospital. The situation is getting worse as Muslims demanding Hindus to leave their properties and town.

In another incident shared by Austin, Islamists reportedly attacked three Hindu businessmen in a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood in Aisha Market in Umerkot, Sindh. The victims, identified as Raja Malhi, Anand and Ashok Mali, have sustained gunshot wounds.

Highlighting the menace of encroachment of non-Muslim properties by Islamists, he emphasised, “Properties of Non-Muslims are considered as booty by the majority of Pakistanis so they try to snatch it one way or another.”

Islamists attack homes of Hindus in Sindh

Rahat Austin had informed on Monday that homes of Hindus belonging to Bheel community were attacked and looted by Islamists in Sindh, Pakistan. The Bheel community in Pakistan is highly marginalised and socio-economically backward. He informed that one Muhammad Aslam along with a few others from the neighbourhood allegedly tortured the impoverished Hindus living in that area and forced them to leave their houses.

These persecuted Hindus who are now scared to return to their respective homes have submitted a request for protection to the Session Judge and the SSP police Badin, Pakistan. The video shared by Rahat Austin shows these troubled Hindus raising slogans against the continuous atrocities meted out to them.

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