Pak minister accused of demolishing houses of Hindus, Christians

The incident took place on May 20 and Federal Minister for Housing and Works, Tariq Bashir Cheema, has been named as the accused, whose goons allegedly beat people up and destroyed their houses amid the coronavirus crisis, according to the Pakistan news portal.

A video of the incident has been doing rounds on social media in which women from the minority community have been protesting, saying that they have been rendered homeless with no food or water in such harsh weather. They said that they are starving and will die of homelessness before they die of coronavirus, the Pak media website reported.

The displaced men and women have been protesting in the area for the last few days, saying that they had been living there for 20 years. Some of them told this media outlet that suddenly, they were told that they were illegal.

However, this is yet another case of religious persecution in Pakistan as Hindu and Christian minorities have been ill-treated at several places in the country in the past as well

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