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Two Pakistani Hindus, Gyanchand and Premchand, who were just recently granted Indian visa, were stopped on their way to India by a group of Pakistani Muslims and asked where are you heading to? Upon learning that the two were going to India to seek refuge, the Pakistani Muslims alleged that the migrating Hindus would say “bad things” about our country, Pakistan. That they would expose the persecution of Hindus and other religious minorities in Pakistan. They chased the two Hindu into a forest and there, they slit their throats and mascaraed them in cold blood.

What was their crime and how were they at fault? As per Islamist in Pakistan they were Hindus, that was the crime and their fault was they simply wanted to live a better life, escape the ongoing genocide and persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan. They hoped to flee from radical Islamists in Pakistan who are bloodthirsty of Hindu blood. Unfortunately, radical Islamists had no mercy on them. Based on their assumption and to cover up the ongoing genocide, they brutally chopped both Gyanchand and Premchand, even though they were departing from and leaving the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” (This is an ongoing situation and people are killed for the same the reason every other day)

Half of their families lives in Hindu refugee camps, in Adarsh Nagar, Delhi and half in Sindh, Pakistan. Their families in Pakistan and India are devastated.

Tears, that no mainstream media are willing to see, innocent Hindu blood, that no international Human Rights agencies recognize and the agony that no immigration activist acknowledges.

Massacre after the massacre, rape after rape, abduction after abduction, forceful conversions of teenage girls one after another. This is the reality of the ongoing genocide of religious minorities in Pakistan. Being a non-Muslim in Pakistan itself is a crime by default and being a Hindu being the biggest crime.

In most of the cases the Indian Embassy does not grant a visa to the entire family and splits it into two or three batches, depending on the size of the family. This creates a separation of the family and increases risk while traveling to India to seek refuge. Only, if the Indian Embassy works on granting visas to entire families. Therefore, they do not have to live in two different countries and travel in batches. This will also be helpful to ensure the safety of these families.

However, India is the only country who acknowledges the ongoing genocide and is seeking to save the minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Parsis, and Jains. This continued persecution is the rational fortifying India’s resolve to protect religious minorities. The whole reason for Indian introducing the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB), which was recently passed in both the Indian Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament. Which made it a Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA)

The hoax of Anti-Muslims

Despite all the rumors surrounding CAB, it was enacted solely for the purpose of helping the persecuted minorities, from three major Islamic dominated countries. The refugees who have arrived from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh till December 31, 2014. They have faced religious persecution, and will not be treated as illegal immigrants but given Indian citizenship. It also relaxes the provisions for “Citizenship by Naturalization”. The law reduces the duration of residency from the existing 11 years to just five years for people belonging to the same six religions and three countries. Whereas, some Indian and majority of the Western Media houses are determined to make it sound Anti-Muslim because the bill does not give the same Citizenship Rights, to Muslims from these three countries.

Why the bill is only pro-persecuted minorities and not anti-Muslim:
1. Muslims only from these three countries are not included in the bill, which means Muslims from elsewhere in the world are not a part of this bill. Also, Muslims from these countries can still legally apply for refugee status or seek asylum.
2. All three countries are Islamic republic with an overwhelming majority of Muslim population, where Non-Muslims are persecuted, so how can Muslims from these countries be considered as ‘persecuted minority?’
3. How can the prosecutors be given the rights that the persecuted minorities receive? Historically, one could ponder the question, “Did the Nazis get citizenship in the countries, where the Jewish Holocaust survivors took refuge?”
4. India was divided in 1947, on religious grounds, because Muslims wanted their own land, their own country. This division created West Pakistan (now Pakistan) and East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). India has already given the ‘Muslim Countries” what they wanted, why would they need Indian citizenship? On the other hand, the persecuted minorities do not have any other country in the subcontinent to safeguard their lives and for religious freedom. Whereas Muslims have these three countries in the subcontinent.

The Western Media and political opposition parties in India have made it their agenda, as usual, to malign India and Prime Minister Modi. The government, including PM Modi himself, have clarified that this bill is not Anti-Muslim. In fact, it does not impact Indian Muslims AT ALL, yet Indian Muslims provoked and misguided by Islamic religious leaders and politicians are taking the streets, pelting stones on police and burning down public property.

Even though the bill is not Anti-Muslims. The question to be asked of Indian Muslims is, “Are Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan more important than your own country? That you would choose burning railway stations, buses and government vehicles and pelt stones at the police?”

Also, the question to be asked of the world is, “How long will you turn a blind eye to the ongoing genocide of religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan?” At what point will the world take notice and stand against this cultural/religious genocide taking place in the subcontinent? Does the world value these lives equally, or are these expendable, just because of their religious beliefs?

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