Now a 13-year-old Christian girl abducted by 42-year-old Muslim man in Pakistan; Shockingly, court orders victim’s father to pay penalty

With no end in sight to the abduction, rape and conversion of women from minority communities in Pakistan, a 13 year old Christian girl was kidnapped by a 42-year-old Muslim man.

The girl has been identified as Mehwish who has been abducted for child rape and conversion to Islam by the Muslim man identified as Thokar Nayaz Kanjrah in Lahore.

Minority rights activist Rahat Austin while criticizing the act by the Islamists said on Twitter, “A 13-year-old Christian girl Mehwish is abducted for child rape & conversion to Islam by 42-year-old Muslim Man in Thokar Nayaz, Kanjrah Lahore”

Austin said that the culprits and fanatics were now threatening the family of girl and activist who repot this incident as sharing such news considered anti Islam and state by the Islamists.

Shockingly, Austin further states how the court ordered the father of the victim to pay a penalty.

This is not the first incident in which Christian, Hindu or a Sikh minor girl has been kidnapped to be converted and married off to Muslim men. The process has been going on for years and the population of minorities in Pakistan has also been reduced substantially.

While the international community sits on its hands, the persecution of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians goes on unabated in the Islamic nation at a scale that could be compared with medieval ages.

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