Minor Hindu girl abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan by Islamic cleric Mian Mithoo

While Pakistani Prime Minister preaches India about its treatment of Muslims, Hindu girls in his country are routinely abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.

In a video which is going viral on social media influential Islamic cleric Mian Mithoo can be seen forcing Kavita Kumari to embrace Islam.

13-year-old Kavita was recently abducted from Ghotki area of Sindh province and allegedly taken to Mian Mithoo, who then forced the Hindu minor to embrace Islam.

The video was first shared by Pakistani human rights activist Rahat Austin.

Brutalities against minorities continue unabated in Pakistan and this is not the first time that a minor Hindu girl has been abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.

Pakistani journalist had recently shared a document highlighting that fact that Muslim minorities Ahmadiyas were not included in the National Commission of Minorities (NCM).

There have been multiple reports of persecution of minorities in Pakistan including the Muslim minority Ahmadiyas, which Pakistan fails to recognize as a sect amongst Muslims.

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