Judge said punishment of leaving Islam (Apostasy)is death.

Relatives of Mehrak are Appealing Pakistan to give their 14 years, minor daughter back.She cried in court and said that she wants to go with parents but judge refused because no matter you were forcefully converted you can’t leave Islam. Punishment of leaving Islam (Apostasy)is death. 

Her lawyer said, Mehak cried in the court and said I wanna go to my parents..but She was handed to abductors.Will they beat, rape and threat her more to get her consent in next hearing? Imagine a helpless,underage Hindu girl,surrounded by Jihadis


According to medical examination, abducted and forced converted Hindu girl Mahek Naniki is 16 years old. In this case Child marriage restraint act 1929,and other relevant laws apply. Will it apply on a Hindu girl too?will kidnapper ; facilitators be punished? 


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