Hindu girls continue to be abducted, converted to Islam in the complicit state of Pakistan

 Innumerable incidents have been reported from the Sindh province and other parts of Pakistan where Muslims have kidnapped and converted Hindu minor girls to Islam for marriage

Even at a time when the world is fighting the global COVID-19 pandemic, Pakistan is busy persecuting its Hindu minority. In less than two weeks of an incident of abduction of two Hindu girls by the brother of a Pakistani politician, there are reports of another case of abduction and forced conversion of a Hindu girl case in the very Sindh province of Pakistan.

A 14-year-old Hindu girl was kidnapped and forcibly converted here, after which the 40-year-old kidnapper married her against the girl’s will in the Chundico area of ​​Sindh.

Such incidents are commonplace in Pakistan. A few months ago, a Hindu woman was first kidnapped from the wedding pavilion and then converted by force in Lahore. The 24-year-old Hindu woman was abducted and first converted to Islam. Then she was forcibly married off to a Muslim man under the supervision of local police officers.

While the debate over the amended citizenship law (CAA) has subsided as coronavirus occupies almost the whole of the media space, the news of this abduction in Pakistan has reignited the question in India as to why the legislation by the Narendra Modi government and approval of the Indian parliament should not enjoy the support of all Indians.

In the incident in April, the brother of an influential local politician in Sindh province has kidnapped two minor Hindu girls while the politician is allegedly threatening the victims’ family.

The victims’ family has made a video through which they are demanding justice after the brother of Pir Faisal Shah Jeelani, a member of the National Assembly, abducted their minor daughters, Suthi and Shama.

In the video, a member of the victims’ family says Hindus continue to be persecuted in Sindh. They fear the abducted girls will be converted to Islam — as it always happens with kidnapped Hindu girls in Pakistan.

The family member says, “Minorities here are facing persecution. They have abducted our daughters. We are not getting justice and are continuously facing atrocities. The brother of a Member of National Assembly (MNA) Pir Fasil Shah Jeelani threatens more abduction if we complain about it. Hindu minorities are facing threats. We can’t face this torture and would like to move out of Sindh”.

The family says the police are not helping the victims. Rather, the cops are willfully not taking any action due to the influence of the politician. “Police are not cooperating with us. They took us to a court but did not produce the victims before the magistrate. Police is also favouring the culprits,” said a family member.

Innumerable incidents have been reported from the Sindh province and other parts of Pakistan where Muslims have kidnapped and converted Hindu minor girls to Islam for marriage.

The 1998 census of Pakistan says Hindus constitute 1.85% of that country’s population. This Hindu population is constantly subjected to atrocities like forced conversions, forced abduction of young girls, lack of voting rights, and desecration of places of worship, to name a few. The most barbaric of such inhuman behaviour of Pakistani state and Muslim citizens alike is the forced abduction of young Hindu girls.

The Global Human Rights Defence estimates that more than 1,000 Hindu and Christian girls are kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam annually. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimates that about 25 Hindu or Christian girls are abducted every month.

At a time when there was no CAA in India, even BJP governments like that of Vasundhara Raje used to deport Hindu families that would seek shelter in India, fleeing persecution in Pakistan.

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