Hindu girl abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, Video Viral

In the midst of the Corona crisis, the persecution of minorities in Pakistan continues. There is news that once again a Hindu girl has been forcibly converted to Islam. The girl has been identified as Kavita Kumari and the entire affair has come to light from Barjhundi in Ghotki area of Sindh province. Mian Mittu is behind all this, he had converted many Hindu girls.

According to Pakistani human rights activist Rahat Austin, Kavita was first abducted by Muslim fundamentalists and later taken to Mian Mittu. After this, Mian Mittu forced her to convert to Islam. Austin has also shared a video about the case from his Twitter handle. In this video, Kavita is seen sitting with Mian Mittu and confessing Islam.

This is not the first such case in Sindh province of Pakistan, such misdeeds have been done on the days by Mian Mittu goons. Last year, a case of Mahek Keswani was also reported. Mian Mittu had also forcibly converted the fragrance. Even before this, 2 minor Hindu sisters Raveena and Reena were kidnapped and converted to religion on the festival of Holi.

Kavita Kumari, a 13 Years old, Hindu girl abducted, raped, converted. Tell me if you are a human. if you have a sister or daughter of this poor girl’s age & someone forcefully take her like this? If you were helpless like her family is. Will you still be silent or justify this? https://t.co/RiLqsgmAtA pic.twitter.com/2I3PNqLblY

— Rahat Austin (@johnaustin47) May 12, 2020



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