Hindu Girl Abducted and Forcefully converted to Islam


Today  Hindu Girl, Mahek Kumari D/O Vijay Kumar Abducted and Forcefully converted to Islam in jacobabad Pakistan. Its shameful but this heinous act is done as a religious duty. Why Malala and other paki activists never speak on this?

Because their religion is different?

Father of “Mehak Kumari”,  is requesting Government and her abductors to return her back.

This is impassible as govt and society, consider these abduction, rape and forced conversations as religious duty.


THIS IS JACOBABAD, Sindh, where Sec:144 imposed. Hindus are restricted to their homes. This is to prevent them to pursue case of Mahek Kumari, a 14 years old Hindu girl, abducted, raped and forcefully converted. Her family was also beaten by police”

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