“Don’t want to stay with Muslim man, wish to go back home”, Pakistan’s minor Hindu girl pleads in court; Mullahs demand death penalty for her under Sharia

 Mehak Kumari, a minor Hindu girl who was abducted from Pakistan’s Sindh province few months ago, has pleaded in court that she does not want to convert and also wishes to go back home. Her plea was made in a Jacobabad court on Friday where she said that she does not want to live with the Muslim man anymore. Angered by her stance, a group of Mullahs have demanded death penalty for her under Sharia.

On 15th January this year, Mehak Kumari,a resident of Jacobabad in Sindh province, was abducted by a Muslim man named Ali Raza. After which, the accused man forced Mehak Kumari to accept Islam and marry him. The accused is married twice and has 4 children, after which he had indulged in the despicable act. Pakistan had maintained that they eloped together and the girl had given her consent. But her plea in court has exposed the Islamic agenda of the Pak government which tows the line of the rabid Mullahs. The civil society too had not spoken for MehakKumari strongly.
Mehak’s father had filed a complaint against the accused Ali Raza. During the first hearing in the court, out of fear of the Muslims and the Mullahs, the minor girl had said that she had agreed to the marriage on her own. However, during a re-hearing last Friday, Mehak told the judge that he would not accept Islam, nor she likes to live with the Muslim man. The court has sent her for 11 days judicial custody after which the pronouncement will be made.
Mehak’s lawyer Naraindas Kapoor said that on 21 January, Mehak gave a false statement before the court out of fear and due to immense pressure and threats. He also informed that, based on the court’s order, the age of Mehak was investigated and found that she was only 15 years 8 months.
Mullahs demand death penalty for Mehak Kumari
As the Jacobabad court was hearing the plea of Mehak Kumari, a large number of Islamic clerics and Mullahs had gathered outside and inside the court. Once Mehak’s stance was made clear, the angry Mullahs began to lash out at her.
The Mullahs accused her of ‘renouncing Islam’ and demanded death penalty for her under Sharia. Sharia, the Islamic law mandates that anyone who leaves Islam will be liable to be punished with death.

While there is confusion if Mehak was forcefully converted, her case and the way it has been handled by the Pakistan’s government and society shows the stranglehold of Islamic hegemony on the country. Imran Khan whose only pastime seems to be advocating India, would do well to dwell on issues faced by minorities like Mehak Kumari in his own country.

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