Conditions of non-muslims in Islamic countries


Every year 1000s non-muslims comes to India from Pakistan to save their lives. How many Muslim leaves India ; go to Pakistan? No one !

Because they know the horror. 

Hindus, along with Buddhists, Parsis, Kelash and other religions are litterly vanished from Pakistan. Conversion is the only option here to servive. Same was happened with Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and various other great civilizations. All religions are wiped out, convert or die.

Even you can’t live there as a Muslim if you belong to a different sact. Ask situation of Ahmadis and Shias brothers. How they are treated or killed and how their murderes are considered as hero of Islam.

Muslims in India are enjoying lynching of Poor Hindu Sadhus ; everyone they want. Wanna compare Pakistan, Islamic world or India?  If you think Pakistan is Paradise, go ; experience few days as a Non-Muslim

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