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Police in Pakistan Locate Bodies of Christian Sisters, Killed for Refusing to Convert to Islam

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Pakistani police discovered the bodies of two Christian women in Lahore on Jan. 4 who were reportedly killed by their Muslim supervisors for not converting to Islam.

Sisters Sajida Mushtaq and Abida Qaiser were found bound, stuffed inside a sack, then dumped near a drainage ditch, Morning Star News reports.

The women had been missing since Nov. 26.

Sajida’s husband, Mushtaq Masih told police that his wife had previously mentioned that she was being pestered by her Muslim supervisors at work.

“My wife often complained of harassment by her supervisors, but she used to tell me that she was handling the situation well,” Masih told Morning Star News. “After she went missing, one of my relatives shared with us that Sajida had confided in her that her supervisors, Muhammad Mumtaz and Naeem Butt, used to pressure her and Abida to convert to Islam and marry them.”

Masih filed a police report after his wife and sister-in-law failed to return home from work. Officer Iftikhar Hussain, who was investigating the case, said police questioned Mumtaz and Butt after they were told that Mumtaz used to torment the two women, telling them to marry him.

The two suspects subsequently confessed to killing the sisters.

“During interrogation, Naeem confessed that they had abducted the sisters, and after keeping them hostage for a few days for satisfying their lust, had slit their throats and thrown their bodies into the drain,” Hussain told Morning Star News.

Masih and other family member were asked to identity both bodies. “I still cannot fathom the sight of seeing my wife’s decomposed body,” Masih said.

“I have three sons and a daughter – the eldest 11 years old, and the youngest 5 – while Abida has only one daughter, aged 9,” he added. “You can imagine the emotional and mental trauma our children and all other family members have been suffering since Sajida and Abida had gone missing. When police informed us that they had identified the two bodies as those of our loved ones, it seemed that our entire world had come crumbling down.”

Punjab Province Minister for Minorities and Human Rights Ejaz Alam Augustine attended to the grieving family members.

“No words are enough to condemn the barbarity meted out to the two innocent women,” the minister said.

Augustine explained the number of forced conversions of Christian women and girls in Punjab was rising, but that authorities are enacting laws to punish those involved.

“We have sent a draft bill to the provincial law ministry for vetting. It will be introduced in the Punjab Assembly after evolving consensus of all political parties,” he said.

Pakistan is ranked fifth on Open Doors’ 2020 World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer the most persecution.

This is the same temple that was destroyed today in KPK

This is the same temple that was destroyed today in KPK. During Corona, temple distributed ration worth more than a million (pkr) to the locals living around.

The fund was collected from Hindus only. It’s not only their loss but it’s also our loss as we’ll not get free rice for Biryani.

This is what we Baloch and Sindhis are facing

This is what we Baloch and Sindhis are facing by the hands of so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistani agencies and police arrested Hani Gul Baloch, Shazia Chandio and many more, They were on a long March to Rawalpindi for missing persons.

Mob vandalises burns down shrine of hindu saint in kps karak


A mob vandalised the samadhi (shrine) of a Hindu saint and subsequently set it on fire in the Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday, locals and police officials confirmed.

The incident took place in a far-flung area of Karak’s Teri town, with police saying law enforcement personnel dispersed the mob after the violence.

“More than a thousand people led by some local elders of a religious party held a protest and demanded the removal of the Hindu place” of worship, a local resident present at the site during the violence told DawnNewsTV, adding that after delivering speeches, they moved towards and attacked the shrine, which was built before 1920.

He said that the mob that was chanting slogans set the shrine on fire before demolishing it as well as an under-construction house owned by a member of the Hindu community.

“Residents of nearby villages announced a protest demonstration a few days earlier which was completely ignored by police,” the resident said, accusing the police of having failed to protect the property.

Videos posted on social media showed a large crowd present at the site, chanting slogans and tearing down the walls of the property. Smoke and fire could be seen in the visuals.

Karak District Police Officer Irfanullah confirmed the attack, saying the incident had created a law and order situation in the area.

He said the residents had issued a call for protest, but with the guarantee that they would remain peaceful. However, a cleric incited the crowd following which they proceeded to attack the shrine.

The police officer said the shrine’s keeper had “secretly” acquired a house next to the property. The protesters were against its construction because they assumed the shrine was being expanded.

There are no Hindus in the area and it was the home of the single samadhi, the DPO explained.

He said the mob destroyed the under-construction house due to which the shrine next to it also suffered damaged “collaterally”.

“There was a large number of protesters and police controlled the situation,” he told DawnNewsTV.

The DPO said that a first information report (FIR) of the incident had been registered but no one had been arrested so far.

“Legal action will be taken against all the people who took the law in their hands,” he added.

This was the second attack on the shrine; it was demolished in 1997 and rebuilt in 2015 on orders of the Supreme Court.

KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan took notice of the incident and directed police to take action against the persons involved.

Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari tweeted: “Strongly condemn the burning of a Hindu temple by a mob in Karak, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. KP government must ensure [the] culprits [are] brought to justice.”

She said her ministry was also moving on the incident. “We as a government have a responsibility to ensure safety and security of all our citizens and their places of worship,” she wrote.

Pakistan Court Orders Authorities to Free Man Convicted of Murdering US Journalist

FILE- Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the alleged mastermind behind Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's kidnap-slaying, appears at the court in Karachi, Pakistan, March 29, 2002.

FILE- Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the alleged mastermind behind Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl’s kidnap-slaying, appears at the court in Karachi, Pakistan, March 29, 2002.

A court in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province ordered authorities Thursday to immediately release the British national convicted in the 2002 murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl.

Thursday’s ruling by the high court in Karachi, the provincial capital, canceled a temporary detention order that had prevented British-born Ahmed Omar Sheikh from leaving prison since the same court overturned his murder conviction eight months ago.

The April 2020 verdict modified Sheikh’s sentence to seven years in prison for kidnapping only, allowing him to be freed for time served. Three other men — also convicted in the case and sentenced to life in prison at the same trial 18 years ago — were acquitted.

Pakistani authorities quickly moved to halt the release of the four men, citing public safety concerns, a law often used in high-profile cases to buy time for prosecutors to file an appeal.

Thursday’s written ruling, obtained by VOA, struck down the preventive detention order, directing authorities that the four men “shall be released from jail forthwith.” It ordered authorities to not allow Sheikh and the others to leave Pakistan.

The judges also directed federal and provincial governments not to arrest or place the four men “under any prevention detention order … without the prior permission of the court.”

Lawyer Nadeem Ahmed Azar, L, and Sheikh Muhammad Aslam, brother of British-born Pakistani Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who is charged in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, talks to media outside a prison in Karachi, Pakistan, Dec. 24, 2020.
Lawyer Nadeem Ahmed Azar, L, and Sheikh Muhammad Aslam, brother of British-born Pakistani Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who is charged in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, talks to media outside a prison in Karachi, Pakistan, Dec. 24, 2020.

Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter, 38 at the time of his murder, was visiting the port city of Karachi, the country’s largest, to investigate suspected links between Islamist militants and the planners of the September 11, 2001, terrorist strikes on the United States. He was abducted and decapitated weeks later.

“We are deeply concerned by the reports of the December 24 ruling of Sindh High Court to release multiple terrorists responsible for the murder of Daniel Pearl,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement.

“We have been assured that the accused have not been released at this time,” it noted.

The statement stressed the U.S. will continue to stand with the Pearl family through this “extremely difficult process” and will be following the case closely.

Pearl’s parents and Pakistani authorities separately have appealed to the Supreme Court against the April verdict that acquitted Sheikh and the three co-accused in the case.

The top Pakistani court is scheduled to conduct the next hearing January 5, 2021.

An attorney for the Pearl family told VOA that Sheikh will be freed until the appeal is completed, but all four men will “go to jail permanently” if the family is successful in overturning the acquittal.

Pakistan: Hindu boy attacked by an Islamist mob, bullets fired at 3 Hindu businessmen in Sindh market

On Friday, Pakistani Human Rights activist Rahat Austin shared a disturbing video from Umarkot in Sindh wherein a Hindu boy was being brutally assaulted by an angry Muslim mob.

In the video, the boy could be seen surrounded by an angry mob who held him by the hair and slapped him continuously. While one attacker cuffed him by his jacket, the other pulled his head down.

Rahat Austin tweeted, “Muslim neighbourhood is beating a Hindu youth in Umerkot Sindh-Pakistan. Yesterday Hindu shops were attacked in the same area in which 3 Hindu businessmen got gunshots and admitted in the hospital. The situation is getting worse as Muslims demanding Hindus to leave their properties and town.

In another incident shared by Austin, Islamists reportedly attacked three Hindu businessmen in a Muslim-dominated neighbourhood in Aisha Market in Umerkot, Sindh. The victims, identified as Raja Malhi, Anand and Ashok Mali, have sustained gunshot wounds.

Highlighting the menace of encroachment of non-Muslim properties by Islamists, he emphasised, “Properties of Non-Muslims are considered as booty by the majority of Pakistanis so they try to snatch it one way or another.”

Islamists attack homes of Hindus in Sindh

Rahat Austin had informed on Monday that homes of Hindus belonging to Bheel community were attacked and looted by Islamists in Sindh, Pakistan. The Bheel community in Pakistan is highly marginalised and socio-economically backward. He informed that one Muhammad Aslam along with a few others from the neighbourhood allegedly tortured the impoverished Hindus living in that area and forced them to leave their houses.

These persecuted Hindus who are now scared to return to their respective homes have submitted a request for protection to the Session Judge and the SSP police Badin, Pakistan. The video shared by Rahat Austin shows these troubled Hindus raising slogans against the continuous atrocities meted out to them.