Armed gang attack church in Pakistan leaving Christians ‘terrified’ – Cross ripped down

CHRISTIANS in a small town in eastern Pakistan have been left “terrified” after an armed gang attacked their church, tearing down a cross and knocking over a wall.


Neighbours of Trinity Pentecostal Church in Kala Shah Kaku in Punjab province were alerted by the sound of commotion at around midnight and quickly rushed to the scene. They found a group of radical Muslim men, some of whom were locally-known gang members, armed with guns, according to reports. It is believed the mob shouted hate speech at the Christians and threatened to shoot them and set the church on fire.

By the time police arrived on the scene the culprits had fled.

Witnesses, none of whom were injured, believe the incident was an attempted land-grab.

The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) has donated cash for repairs and said the church resumed services shortly after the May 9 attack.

Volunteer Hannah Chowdhry told “There were two mafia gang members who brought five or six other men with them with guns and pistols.

church attack pakistan

The gang of vandals damaged a wall protecting the church (Image: British Pakistani Christian Association )

“They broke down the outer wall of the church. There was a cemented cross as well that they broke down and threw on the floor and they tried to break into the church.

“This happens on a regular basis and we just have to make people aware of what is happening around the world.

“It’s devastating that this is still happening even during the pandemic.

“Although the people are terrified about what has happened, they have started up services in the church again.”

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