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If it’s one thing Pakistan really hates as a nation, is its grotesque reflection on the mirror.
It’s not that they don’t really like what they see, they see themselves the way they want to. It’s just that they don’t want it seen by others… they like to be behind the mirror and point it at others.

Pakistan always wants to pretend to be “he who is without sin”. They’re always first to scream “injustice” when something wrong takes place in a non-Muslim nation, especially India. But Pakistan likes to believe that no one can see what they’re doing.

This is where we come in, we turn the mirror towards Pakistan and show their real faces to the world.

The atrocities that take place on the minorities of Pakistan, every single day, is no secret to the media. But yet, they have decided to turn deaf, dumb and blind. If somewhere in the Indian subcontinent, an Islamic terrorist guilty of killing hundreds, is sent to the gallows, the whole world rises to protest as if one of their own has been killed unlawfully. Because that is how the media propagates it, as a war concerning all human kind.
While on the flipside, non-Muslims are bullied, raped, murdered, unlawfully evicted of their homes and businesses, forcibly converted, falsely accused of blasphemy and convicted every single day in Islamic nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, but no one raises their voice. Among the four, Pakistan takes the cake for committing the most brutal and barbaric acts on the minorities. It’s literally jungle rules in Pakistan, where a member of the majority community can take away the life, modesty and livelihood of a minority whenever he or she pleases. Human rights do not exist. Minorities have no rights and no security. Millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Christians have been uprooted from their homes in both Pakistan and Bangladesh (once East Pakistan).

But it is the same Pakistan that often leads the propaganda war against India, which is funded by petrodollars. Unimaginable amounts of currency is flown in from the gulf nations for the cause of Islam – which is to denigrate the native faiths of a land or the majority religion of a nation and make way for Islam. The amounts are so huge that no one wants to talk about the absolute hellishness that wreaks havoc upon the minorities in Islamic lands especially Pakistan. But they want to exaggerate and inflate the minutest altercations that take place in India, which to them is Hindustan – the land of Kafirs.

The thing is, all global movements need funding. There is truly no such thing as a common man’s movement or a protest by the mass. The common man cannot start a movement. It’s one of those truths we don’t want to believe, cause it hurts our utopian convictions somewhere, but it is nonetheless true. Most movements are manufactured and funded. A true victims’ protest cannot be carried on, because globally the victims are separated geographically, racially and linguistically. Only Islam and the left transcends this boundary, not solely because of a common ideology, but because of an unending source of money!

Since Hindus don’t have the petrodollars to support their victimhood, they remain unnoticed. The Christians and Sikhs are under the same rock that is slowly crushing them every day as the world turns away to save a Muslim swimmer who is pretending to drown in a beer glass…

Pakistan Mirror has devoted itself to expose and bring to the world’s attention, especially the attention of India’s Hindus, how their Muslim “brothers” on the other side treat their Hindu and Sikh brethren. Also to open the eyes of the Indian Christians, who tag with the Muslims against the majority Hindus of India. Muslims are friends with nobody, unless they’re Muslims.

Now this may seem like untrue to the the Dhimmis, who confuse Dhimmitude with friendship.

The word ‘Dhimmi’ may be translated as “protected slaves” or ‘second class citizens’. They’re allowed to practice their faiths, but as much is allowed under the Sharia. During the Mughal rule, the Hindus of North India were forced to conduct secret marriages at night, otherwise their women would be taken away by the Mughal henchmen. There are several such humiliating regulations that are enforced on the Dhimmis, to exercise the dictate in the Quran which says that the non-Muslims in a Muslim ruled land must “feel subdued”. (Sura 9:29) Dhimmis who do not have the courage to stand up to the Muslims or are brainwashed academically and politically accept this as freedom. The dhimmis who stand up to this, must be ready to fight as a rebellious Dhimmi is considered an enemy of Islam and maybe attacked any time,anywhere and in any manner. As a result of this Dhimmis all over the world are afraid to raise their voices. As Islamic rule became the norm in some countries (like undivided India), the non-Muslims or the dhimmi communities began to accept their servitude as normal. Some of these dhimmis even began to advocate for their Muslim overlords to be in their good books and also get some advantage over the other dhimmis. This scenario has not changed, be it the media and intellectual sector of Hindu majority India, or every sector of Islamic Pakistan, which has proudly held on to the barbaric medieval tradition of Islam and Sharia.

Complete rejection of equal rights for non-Muslims is an essential element of Sharia, and the Muslims all over the world are looking to impose this on the human race. Pakistan leads this effort in the Indian subcontinent.

We must make a stand before it’s too late for Bharat, the sanatan land which is the pioneer of equality and justice aka dharma, which has a huge population of Muslims, majority of whom are radicalized and filled with hate, ready to pounce like rabid wolverines.

As mentioned before, since no one is paying the human rights groups, the media and the activists for these Dhimmis, there is no buzz about this anywhere in the world. It is always “the Muslims have been wronged upon”, Muslims are tormented, Islamophobia this etc.etc. Which is hilarious to the educated eye, but that’s the current condition of the world. People have been fooled to believe that the victimizers are the victims!

The main click of Islamic politics is good old fashioned “reverse psychology”. They victimize and then play victim. When you accuse them, they simply deny. When 1.7 billion united voices say the same thing, it’s hard to convince otherwise.

They have a million ways to harass and kill the non-Muslims in Islamic lands. Barbaric and medieval blasphemy laws are used (not misused mind you) to falsely accuse a non-Muslim and then it’s open season on them. Any Muslim can form a mob of some sort and decide their fate. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians – no one is exempt. This is done not only to serve the higher goal of Islam, that is a kaffir free world, but it also serves personal interests. A Hindu or Sikh may be accused of blasphemy with the intention of usurping his or her property or business.
Blasphemy is pinned on the non-Muslims as a surefire way of getting them vindicated as no judge in Pakistan will let someone convicted of blasphemy off the hook. Even if the judge wants to, he cannot. Crowds of “true and pious” Muslims will gather outside the court and demand a death penalty.

Pakistani children are taught from a very young age that all non-Muslims are “ghatiya” or beneath them and they must be told so on their faces. This “education” is given not only by the religious teachers or religious books, but also public school text books. Teachers in public schools make sure they let the Hindus and Christians know that they’re beneath the Muslims and they’ll never be anything more than a minority. This institutionalised humiliation of non-Muslims goes on extensively in Pakistan.

Not only do the Muslim employers deny employment to the non-Muslims, the non-Muslims are not allowed to do business in most places. Muslims do not buy things from their shop and the non-Muslims are forced to buy only from Muslims.

While 73 rape cases were reported in Lahore alone within the first 60 days of 2020, hundreds and thousands of rape cases go unreported if it is against a woman belonging to a minority community. The police stations refuse to take reports. These women must be given justice.

Non-Muslims, not just in Pakistan but all over the world including India, China, and the west, face these discriminations which is the product of a concerted effort by Muslims. Their goal is to impose Sharia and establish an Islamic empire, to succeed in which they’re willing to go to any extent. Though the politically correct word is “Islamists” or “Jihadists” and not ‘Muslims’, it tells only a fragment of the truth. Jihad or holy war is the religious duty of every member of the Muslim community. Because Islam is not a matter of personal beliefs. It is a universal mission, where the goal is to convert everyone to Islam by any means possible, conviction or compulsion. Therefore it is also necessary to gain political power over all other nations. Or gain political dominance over all political parties of a land.

Violent Jihad and subjugation of non-Muslims has its roots in the holy book of the Muslims, the Qur’an itself. Among the hundreds of verses that prescribe, justify and motivate violence against non-Muslims, the most notable one is the “Verse of the Sword”. It says, “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is forgiving, merciful” (9:5).
The last line almost makes it sound like it’s a joke. But unfortunately this is held to be true by Muslims.

Violent jihad is an undetachable component of Islam. This seems quite evident when we go through Islamic history. Pakistan was created with violence. The Muslim League (with the help of the British) separated two major pieces of land from India to make Pakistan. This separation or partition involved in the killing of millions of Hindus and Sikhs and mass rapes of millions of Hindu and Sikh women. The tradition still continues in both the Pakistans (one is currently known as Bangladesh). It’s as if the Muslims want to relive their glory days, the days when they slaughtered the Hindus and Sikhs without any human rights groups coming in between. And they’re still able to do that because no human rights groups cares for the poor minorities of Pakistan who are not able to produce bundles of oil greens (petrodollars).

No Muslim group has ever refused the doctrine of armed Jihad and unless shown in a bad light, no general Muslim will refute jihad. If you talk to a Muslim as a Muslim about jihad, he or she will glorify jihad and the harassment and killing of the ‘kafirs’. But the left academics and intellectuals, who are essentially Dhimmis, justify Dhimmitude and whitewash the bloodstains on the carpet of humanity created by Islam. The school text books of India have long been distorted to glorify Islam and Muslim rule. Journalists take the lead role in defending Muslim criminals of all statures and whitewash their dirty deeds. Sometimes they just choose to turn their cameras away. If someone points out the wrongdoings of Islam and Muslims, he or she is tagged as communal, Islamophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic and every other adjective that rains down collective scorn on the truth speaker. When the number of these truth speakers are too many, then they are collectively tagged as belonging to a certain religious or political team, motivated by hate and paid-for. Needless to say, it is actually vice-versa.

The silence, the whitewashing and the denials are just making it worse for India and the Hindus, Sikhs and Christians of Pakistan in this age of global terrorism, motivated by Wahhabism and funded by gulf currency. The level of atrocities have increased after the rise of the Wahhabis. But since no paid organizations, whether media or human rights, are willing to showcase their plight, they die in the dark while Pakistan maintains a sinless image, showing up first in line to throw the first stone.

But they can’t fool the mirror! No matter how much they pretty up, the mirror has seen their hideous face.

Pakistan Mirror endeavors to bring to the world’s attention the plight of the non-Muslims in Pakistan, which is intense yet completely ignored by the world media. Pakistan continues its slave markets in the darkness where non-Muslims children are sold and bought in the open. Under the Sharia provisions that are imposed by the Muslim people in Islamic lands, denies basic human rights to the “dhimmis/jimmis”.
Their deeds are whitewashed by the academics and intellectuals who are nourished by the oil greens of the gulf.

The so-called ‘left liberals’ are a potent ally of the Jihadists. The Jihadists realize that in today’s day and age, they cannot take over the world by brute force. So the news media and the school system works as their propaganda machinery to justify and/or whitewash all their inhuman atrocities. The petrodollar nourished academics, journalists and political leaders have succeeded in confusing millions of people in India and the world, into mistaking self-defense for fascism and truthfulness for bigotry. The victims of Islamic jihad are tagged as communal, Muslim haters by the media and intellectuals.

Shedding as much light as possible on these matters, we at Pakistan Mirror will try to alert the people of India and the rest of the world, about the true nature of Pakistan and Muslims of India. We refuse to be bought or bullied…

We don’t have what they have(oil greens), but our spirit and our spine, refuses to bend or break. We are watching you…like a mirror watches you. Like an omnipresent eye, we’re following your every move. Every day, every atrocity, every rape, every murder, every forced conversion, every incident of unlawful eviction of the minorities – we will be watching you. We will be documenting you. Because sooner or later, the wheels of time and fortune shall turn and you will get back everything you deserve.

Let dharma prevail…