Muslims abduct 14-year-old Hindu girl, her mother cries “It’s a curse to be born in an Islamic country”

These “love jihad” incidents are motivated by supremacist assumptions. The idea is that the Muslim community will always grow at the expense of the non-Muslim community.

“‘It’s a curse to be born in an Islamic country’ says mother of the 14-year-old abducted Hindu girl in Sindh, Pakistan,” OpIndia, June 28, 2020:

Pakistan has a history of atrocities against the minority community, especially Hindu girls where they are often kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam. Many of these girls are minors and are sexually exploited.

Another 14-year-old Hindu girl has been abducted in Pakistan. According to an activist, Rahat Austin, working in Pakistan, the alleged abduction took place on 27th June in Saedabad, Hala Mitiari, of Sindh province Pakistan. In a video shared by the activist, the mother of the abducted girl was seen broken down with grief. She kept on saying that “It’s a curse to be born in an Islamic country.”

As per Rahat Austin, the 14-year-old Nasiban was taken for sexual exploitation and forced conversion to Islam….

Poor Christian’s home is demolished


A poor Christian Nadeem Masih’s home is demolished and snatched by local Muslims in Okada,Punjab-Pakistan. He owned a small room of 337 feet where he was living with his family. Life for such poor people is already like a hell in Pakistan but they are not allowed even to live free.


Christian Family in Pakistan Claims Relative Was Murdered by Police

A Christian family in Pakistan claims their relative was murdered by police after refusing to change his testimony in regards to a crime he witnessed. The Christian family has filed charged against the police and the case has led to several local protests.

On June 22, several police officers, led by Arif Jutt, broke into the house of Waqar Masih, a Christian from Gojra, located in the Toba Tek Singh district of Pakistan’s Punjab province. There, the police attacked and beat Waqar’s father, Younas.

Arif Jutt, a policeman, along with his others illegally barged into my house.” Waqar told International Christian Concern (ICC). “They searched for my father and threw him down from his bed. They beat my father with their guns and continuously kicked him in stomach. My father could not survive the torture and breathed his last immediately.

Initially, police refused to register a First Information Report (FIR) against their fellow officers. However, an FIR was filed after the roads were blocked by protesters against police torture and the local media was informed. FIR 409/20 was registered against the officers involved in the killing of Younas Masih.

Waqar told ICC that his father was a witness in a murder case against a Muslim family. Therefore, policemen threatened him on many occasions and asked him to recant his testimony in exchange for a bribe. However, Younas refused saying, “I am a Christian and I will never cheat and get bribed.

My father’s deep commitment to his faith made the policemen aggressive,” Waqar explained to ICC. “During the attack, one of the officers shouted, ‘We will teach him a lesson for insulting us!’

We will never go for any agreement or compensation,” Waqar told ICC. “We want justice and protection of my family.