15-Year-old Christian girl was Abducted, Raped and forcefully converted to Islam


On 23-7-2020 was court hearing of a 15-Year-old Christian girl, a Gospel Singer, Maria Shahbaz, who was Abducted, Raped and forcefully converted to Islam. She stated in the court that she was abducted ; all things that happened to her were with coercion. She never was a Muslim 

But court once again as did in various cases of same nature of Non-Muslim girls, Mehak Kumari, Rinkel Kumari and others sent her to Dar-Ul- Aman Detention centre till she attains the age of 18. This means the abductor ; Islamic preachers will have full access to her for years.

She was given almost 1 year to Muslims so they can change this Girl’s mind but she didn’t. She is sent to detention centre as punishment in the name of security. In such cases girls have no way but to surrender. it is a curse to be born as a Non-Muslim in an Islamic State. 


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